Benefits and applicability

Europositron technology brings to it`s users significant economic and ecologic savings. The use of this innovation brings benefits both to manufacturers, owners of devices and other endusers. In battery industry application of the Europositron technology is suitable in manufacturing all kinds of batteries and possibilities are unlimited. Increasing reliability, efficiency and service life creates remarkable cost savings. The cost efficiency is increasing due to environmentally friendly and everywhere available raw materials, which used in production are also reducing the pollution of the environment. Europositron technology can be used in the production of all kinds and of all sizes of batteries.


Company`s targets are
- to manufacture production ready prototypes of the batteries and get them properly tested.
- sell globally manufacturing licenses based on Europositron technology.

To achieve targets company will:
- sell part of the company`s shares to finance manufacturing of the prototypes and patenting
- use technically competent and visible introduction in marketing
- utilize reliable co-partners in research and development activities.


The volume of battery industry is enormous and constantly growing. Invention of this type has been especially expected by electric vehicle business in order to develop, but large expectations of the growth lies in the cordless communication, space industry and defence industry. Experts estimate the annual turnover for batteries to be over USD 21 billion and for the annual growth rate about 20 %.


Europositron has already generated great interest from a whole spectrum of industries and companies all over the world. Among these are industries, universities, research institutes, end-users etc. They all are waiting for evidence of functionality of the technology. Also mass media has been very interested in the development of this new revolutionary invention.


There is a huge vested interest in existing technology and awareness of the advances the Partanen Technology promise has brought interest from many quarters. The ISATA Conference held in Vienna, where a paper outlining the claims being made for the technology were first given to a critical, well informed audience, opened a flood of enquiries. Since then, we have been made aware of the efforts existing battery manufacturers were making to meet the challenge of this radical breakthrough. The application of Europositron technology does not require significant changes in either manufacturing or recharging equipment. The manufacturers do not have to design or build new machinery to produce new batteries which also means that manufacturers of user equipment, mobile phones, lap top computers etc will be able to use exactly the same bays and connection for the batteries as they now do. Also the new technology will not require a whole raft of new compatible battery chargers to be supplied.

Business Plan summary 2015-2019

k €20152016201720182019
Revenue1 2502 5003 75051 200104 400
Direct costs1 3511 5161 8202 1902 630
Gross margin- 1019841 93049 010101 770
Profit after taxation-6981 37034 79772 256

Capital stock

YearAmount of A-sharesMain participants
13-171023Small investors
13-171600Forthcoming investor
13-1716250Inventor Rainer Partanen
13-1719873All shareholders

Financing of the production of the prototypes

Europositron acquires the finance of the production of the prototypes by selling part of the shares of the company to Nordic countries and/or by trying to find a possible co-partner abroad buying part of the company and also by selling part to other investor(s).

Balance sheet

Europositron has not had actual business activities; all the activity has been research and development work since year 1989 when the company was founded.


When the protypes are ready and license selling begins the management is replaced with professional Chief Executive Officer, Finance Officer and Licensing Counselors. Rainer Partanen will stay as Technical Adviser or Technology Officer.