Inventor Rainer Partanen

The thought to investigate why electric cars are not more common rose to Mr. Rainer Partanen in the late 1970's. He had worked all his career in the metal industry. In 1982 he founded TIETOMETALLI OY, a company which delivered various metals to the industry. Already from the start Mr. Partanen left the management of his successful company to his brother in order to be able to concentrate on his research work.

The research phase lasted about 12 years. He studied the patents related to electric vehicles and their source of power. Furthermore he studied articles and books on the matter.

In the late 1980's after several tests the inventor knew where the solution could be and concentrated on researching technology the basis of which was to release the energy of aluminium so that it could be recharged. He founded for his inventing activities the company Ab Europositron Oy. In the 1990's the final solution was found and development phase of 10 years began.

During that phase Rainer Partanen developed construction models, where chemicals of the invention gave best possible result in releasing and recharging the energy of aluminium. He had many subcontractors, who supplied him with series of different components for development work.

As a result of this development phase Rainer Partanen has final construction designs for two production ready batteries of which the function and reduction of aluminium can be verified. The plan includes a prototype equivalent to the present 12 V start battery of car and a battery for electric car with capacity of 80 kWh.

The whole development work in the 1990's has been made within the limits of Mr. Partanen's financial situation. All tests, equipment designs, material purchases and pending patents have been financed by the inventor himself.