Special issue of the shares

AB Europositron Oy will finance coming activities described in Business Plan as follows:

The share capital will be raised up till 9 600 € ( 32 000 € in maximum) consisting 19 200 shares (64 000 in maximum) with face value of 0,5 €/share.

Subscription issue of the shares of AB Europositron OY is special issue of shares where 1 600 shares of the company is offered to be subscribed. The price of a share is 1 500 €, total value 2,4 Million € is collected to above par value fund from where they are used to the costs of the company. The minimum subscription sum is 51 000€ (34 shares x 1500€ = 51 000€).

The share issue will be carried out in the extraordinary general meeting immediately after assignment of the underwritings. The subscriptions are accepted as soon as the price of the shares is paid to the company`s account.

The copies of the decision, the company statutes and the documents stated in the Finnish Companies Act ( OyL ) 4a. § 1. mom. and 5. § 1. mom. can be seen at the company office at the address Pertunpellonraitti 2, 00740 Helsinki. The securities cannot be taken as a target of a public trade or a corresponding procedure stated in the Finnish Securities Market Act because it is special issue in question.

Subscription Offering

This offering is about subscribing shares beforehands in the forthcoming special issue of the shares.

Subcription rights in this special issue of shares are for both communities and inviduals.

Total subscription amount (number of rights x subscription price 1500,- euro) is to be paid to Europositron's bank account:

Payment in EUR

Nordea Bank Finland, SWIFT Address: NDEAFIHH; IBAN: FI6812203000206819.

When the payment of your subscription has arrived to our bank account we shall mail to you signed subscription certificate as a proof that your ownership and shares have been registered.

In case of oversubscription only paid subscriptions will be taken into account.

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